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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Javrie's Restaurante & Pizzeria @ Gurney Paragon

Hello there! So yesterday I visited Javrie's Restaurante & Pizzeria @ 5th Floor of Gurney Paragon. It is located right next to the Gurney Paragon's Food Court 'Just Food'. You can check out their Facebook Page for the latest information of the restaurant. Javrie's also offers set lunch which is more worth it besides ordering Ala Carte from the menu. Their service is really good as the workers are really friendly but they only have limited workers there. I love this restaurant because of their food served is really delicious and quite worth it. Pictures! 

Ham&Cheese Sandwich
Although it looks like a normal sandwich, but I feel that they are quite generous with their cheese. Where 1 sandwich has 4 pieces of cheese that makes the sandwich cheesy and yummy. 

Royale Chicken Cheese Baked Pasta
This cheese baked pasta is also different from other restaurant's baked pasta. It was cooked with Alfredo sauce served with mushroom with chicken pieces. Their cheese baked is recommended if you're a cheese lover. The portion of the cheese baked is quite big and its really delicious.

Cheesy Fries
Well, this fries was a treat from one of the workers there. Thanks for the delicious cheesy fries! And FYI, he is the most friendliest worker in the restaurant, where he greet every customers outside looking at their menus and serve the customers well.

Chicken Alfredo
One of my favourite in the restaurant. Look at the amount of mushroom and chickens they gave. It was more than I was expected because some restaurant don't give that much and different mushrooms and chickens. Their pasta is really delicious and it satisfy me a lot. Portion of the pasta is quite big and its really filling. 

I would definitely visit this shop again and try more of their various kinds of food. This restaurant is highly recommended as the prices are reasonable for their quality of food and also great service from the workers. Thank you.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

花果山 Fa Guo San @ All Seasons Place, Farlim

 Last few weeks, I went to this dessert shop called 花果山 Fa Guo San at All Seasons Place. So this dessert shop has been open since last year where All Seasons Place first open. Many people have visited this shop because of their well-known "Flower Pot Cheesecake", and their toast too. I've ordered something else more different than the Flower Pot Cheesecake. Photos!

 Their Menu

Mocha Coffee
For the coffee,I find the design of the coffee made nice. As for the taste, the taste of coffee is quite mild compared to strong coffees like espresso.

 Mountain Black Forest Chocolate Toast 
First you have to pour the honey throughout the toast bread for better taste.
I find this tasty because I love the crunchiness of the toasted bread with chocolate and honey. It is one of my favourites here. You should try out this toast and it is also one of Chef's Recommendation.

 Caramel Panna Cotta 
As for this dessert, the name disappoints me as there is no caramel taste on the dessert. The jelly has a slight of caramel taste but it is covered up by the sweetness of condense milk and also fruits. Which makes it no caramel taste at all. I don't really recommend this to all those caramel lovers. They do have a lot of variety of other Panna Cotta besides Caramel Panna Cotta.