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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Quality Tea @ The One, Bayan Baru

Well, Quality Tea is another Cafe located at The One, Bayan Baru which is a few shops away from the Red Hot The Best Hotdog and near to Grainloaf. It's not difficult to find this Cafe but go this cafe between Monday-Saturday (11am-10.30pm) as it closes on Sunday. So, this cafe has a cozy environment and suitable for gathering with food, light snacks and bubble tea drinks. They have Wi-Fi service here and I find the shop quite spacy and relaxing. Food here is cheap and reasonable but there are some food which are not recommended. Photos! 

Caramel Imagawayaki-RM2
This Caramel Imagawayaki is recommended as it has a soft texture. At first, I thought this imagawayaki will be sweet but apprently it wasn't. I would definitely go for this again. This Caramel flavor wasn't in the Imagawayaki menu but it's under Weekly Special. Ask the workers for the Weekly Special Flavor!

Popcorn Chicken- RM7
Popcorn Chicken has been my all time favorite. I think that this popcorn chicken is really worth it for the price compared to all the popcorn chicken's I've tried.  Their popcorn chicken is in bigger size compared to the small pieces of popcorn chicken which is almost the same price. I love the popcorn chicken and its recommended!

Cheesy Pork Roll Noodles-RM7
They serve rice and noodles too. But this Cheesy Pork Roll noodle is not really recommended.The Cheesy Pork Roll tasted not bad, crunchy and with the cheese. As for the noodles, it's rather disappointing. They should really improve their noodles for better quality of food and customers satisfaction.

French Fries Party-RM5
French Fries Party- Mixture of 3 types of fries (according to the worker), sweet plum potatoes and also sausages spiced with seasoning powder. Suitable for sharing as it's portioning is quite big and price is cheap. 

Apparently, we did not tried out the drinks there but will try out soon. I feel that this place serves the snacks better than the noodles. I will definitely visit this place again!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Garden @ Krystal Point Bayan Lepas

So recently, I had my lunch at The Gardens at Krystal Point Bayan Lepas. Apparently the have another branch in Jelutong Area, The Garden Restaurant.  The Garden serves variety of foods (Western Food, Thai Food, Oriental Food, etc) and the prices are reasonable with big portioning with a good taste of food. They serves Set Lunch (Main Course+Drinks+Ice Cream) for only RM7.90+.  The restaurant has WiFi Services, friendly workers and relaxing environment. This place is recommended for people who wants to grab a quick lunch with low budget. This restaurant is worth a second visit!

Drinks- Honey Green Tea

 Spicy Fried Rice
This fried rice has a big portioning and loads of ingredients such as prawns, squids and etc. The price of the fried rice is reasonable for its portioning and the type of ingredients used. This fried rice is recommended for spicy food lovers.

Fried Glass Noodle with Thai Suki Sauce
As for this one, the glass noodles are quite spicy but couldn't be compared to the Spicy Fried Rice. The Glass Noodles tastes not bad but still the same, big portioning with lots of ingredients. Yeah, squid, prawns and also chicken. 

 Golden Cheese  Roll
Well this is a side order and does not include in the set menu. The cheese roll looks normal and simple but it is delicious. The Cheese Roll is wrapped with egg with ham and cheese inside. This cheese roll is worth a try.

And at last! The desserts. Chocolate and Chocolate Chip Mint Ice Cream

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sushi Zanmai & Hokkaido Ice Cream@Gurney Paragon

This is a throwback post where Gurney Paragon first open. So, Sushi Zanmai is famous for its Japanese Food and during their opening, a lot of people went to queue to taste their food. And I guess the queue is still long now or lesser? I find that their food price in Sushi Zanmai is very reasonable and it is very filling after having a bowl of donburi. Sushi Zanmai is located at the 6th Floor and you can see the whole stretch of Japanese food which i Sushi Rakutan, Hokkaido Ice Cream and Pasta Zanmai. I've tried out Hokkaido Ice cream which has varieties of flavor. Pictures!

Sushi's on the sushi bar. The second tamago tastes better as it has abit of cheese on top of the tamago!


 Chicken Katsu Don

Similar with Chicken Katsu Don exception their chicken is steamed instead of fried.

Chawan Mushi

Salted Caramel Icecream and Matcha Ice Cream from Hokkaido Ice Cream
Love the salted caramel ice cream! The Wine Sherbet is recommended too. (Sorry no photos for white sherbet)

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Nando's is a nice place to have lunch or dinner with friends and family. Nando's is most basically everywhere is shopping malls and most people love to eat Nando's. Well, pictures!