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Monday, May 27, 2013

MooMoo Milk Bar

Moomoo Milk Bar is located @The Terrace One Plus which is right next to 'Red Hot the Best Hotdog'. Well it's basically a nice spot to chill and to have your meals there. They have rice and noodles during lunch hour, various flavors of milk tea, snacks and also frozen yoghurt. I find the shop decoration cute where they have moomoo faces. Well pictures!

Cuteeee :3

Honey Green Tea

Crispy Nuggets

Lemon Black Tea

Honey Grilled Chicken Rice

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

Mini Sausages

Enjoy reading! Gonna update more about foods! :D

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tea-Tac-Toe and Charcoal Burger@ New York Pizza

Hello! Well during the March holidays, went trying Tea-Tac-Toe. Tea-Tac-Toe is a Taiwanese Restaurant and a very nice place to chill because of their environment. Instead of having your meals there, they've got comic books, board games, card games and Wi-Fi. Food price is reasonable and the food is nice. Pictures! 

 Bubble Tea

Teppan Popcorn Chicken Ramen

 Popcorn Chicken Rice

 Food :3

After this, went to New York Pizza to try out the charcoal burger. It was located a few shops away from Tea-Tac-Toe. Nommm :3

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Zhou Restaurant (粥杰伦) @All Seasons Place

Today, went to have lunch with love at Zhou Restaurant mainly also known as 粥杰伦. Their name of the restaurant is taken from the name of an artist, Jay Chou 周杰伦. The main food sold here is Congee. You can choose from a few flavor Congee Base (Curry, Tomyam, Normal Congee Base, etc), the Ingredients you would want in your congee, (Fishball, Sausage, etc) and its Complete!

So I've tried out Curry Congee Base with Sausages and Crabsticks and Tomyam Congee Base with Sausages and Fishball. We also ordered Roasted Pork & BBQ Pork Rice. Pictures!

 The Menu

 Coke & Milo

 Roasted Pork & BBQ Pork Rice

 Curry Base Congee
 Tomyam Base Congee


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rics Burgers and Red Hot The Best Hotdog @ The One Terrace Plus Bayan Baru

It's Labour Day and also my very special Wednesday. Well I started my day with cycling around Penang Heritage Area. It was a fun thing but the weather is really hot that caused sunburn on me. But its totally worth it.

After cycling, went for lunch  at Ric's Burger. Well, I've tried Ric's burger once in Jelutong's Friday Night Market and they opened into a shop. The price is reasonable too. It is located at The One Terrace Plus, Bayan Baru.

Ric's Burger

The Menu!


Well, the make it a meal to have fries and also drinks! 

Oink Oink Burger plus Bacon
Yummmm :3

So after having Ric's Burger, went for a walk around the building there and found another hotdog shop. Which is located at the opposite building of Ric's Burger shop. The hotdog shop's name is called "Red Hot The Best Hotdog" where there are various kinds of hotdogs there. Pictures!

 Outside Red Hot The Best Hotdog!

 Look at the variety of hotdogs and also drinks.

 Winter Melon Tea

 Meat Lover :3 The best hotdog everrrrrr! :3