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Friday, February 15, 2013

Takoyaki @Prangin Mall

Well, I went to watch 'I Love Hong Kong 2013' at 1st Avenue and had lunch at Takoyaki@Prangin Mall. Well, their food there is really delicious and the price is also cheap and reasonable. And for breakfast, it was my first time cooking Spaghetti Carbonara! It was not really a success because it was a kinda salty, but I'm kinda happy it didn't taste really bad. Well, pictures!

       Spaghetti Carbonara


 Tomyam Popcorn Chicken Baked Rice

 Red Bean Rice Set

Sausage Croquette

 Went to Queensbay after lunch! :D

                                                       Hojicha Iced Latte    

Well, that's all for today. Will be back blogging again! :D 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chinese New Year

Hey guys so basically I'm back to blogging again because someone inspired me to do so. So this is like a brand new blog and I will try my best to update my blog very often.

It's Chinese New Year! Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year and may the Year of Snake brings wealth and good health to everyone. For me, what I do during Chinese New Year is eating, texting, sleeping, and visiting my relatives house. Sounds boring right? But I ate a lot of nice food during Chinese New Year. So here are some photos I want to share. 

Reunion Dinner

Fishballs, Prawns, etc

 Steamboat during Reunion Dinner with Family

First Day of Chinese New Year
 Vermicelli with Soup
Well, they said it was a tradition having vermicelli on the first day of CNY

Picture of the blogger :D

This is nice!