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Friday, August 16, 2013

One Corner Cafe @ Burma Road

 One Corner Cafe is located just right behind Giant Supermarket (Penang Plaza)@Burma Road. One Corner Cafe is famous for the "Super Hokkien Mee" according to reviews from the internet. There are a variety of food selling here besides the Super Hokkien Mee.  As for me, I did not order the Super Hokkien Mee, but I've ordered other foods which are nice and worth a try! The prices of every stall is not really expensive and reasonable. This cafe opens from Morning till late afternoon, but there are less stalls during late afternoon. If you're driving, it's difficult to find a place to park here because parking spaces are limited along the road. Pictures!

 Drinks - Cham Peng 
Something like coffee and it tastes nice. Worth a try!
RM1.50 per cup

 Mushroom Soup

 Toasted Sandwich

Well, both the mushroom soup and the toasted sandwich is from the same stall which sells Western Food. The stall is located on your left from the entrance next to the chicken rice stall. In my opinion, the mushroom soup is delicious and tastes good! The soup is creamy enough and it is heated well to have a great taste of the soup.  As for the toasted sandwich, inside the sandwich is a combination of cheese, ham and crab flavoured meat. The toasted sandwich is crunchy and of course tasty. Both dish costs RM2.50 per plate and it is a must to try!

Loh Mee (RM3.30)
The Loh Mee here is tasty as well and you may realize that the chilli used is slightly different compared to other stalls. You should try out the Loh Mee as well! The Loh Mee is served with Chicken Legs and etc.

 Pan Mee (RM3.00)
I've forgotten about the name of the Pan Mee but it is a very spicy Pan Mee. The uncle from the stall said that the way to eat the Pan Mee is by mixing the two types of chilli with the noodles. The Pan Mee is also worth a try and the price of the noodles is reasonable for its portion of food.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dari 다리 Cafe @ Lembah Permai Tanjung Bungah

Well hello there! I went to Dari Cafe few weeks back and it was my first time visiting the shop. It is located opposite of Lembah Permai Park. What I like about the shop is their cozy environment and a little of home-style restaurant. The variety of food served is limited and price of the food is reasonable. Photos! 

 Their Menus 

Meat,Egg and Vege


 Kimchi Soup